7 Days Wedding Ceremony Tours in Bhutan

About the Wedding in Bhutan

The traditional Bhutanese wedding purely provides an opportunity to renew your vows or undeniable facts of experience a local wedding ceremony featuring an uncountable number of religious rites performed by the highest Buddhist monks and lamas representing the importance of the bond between a husband and wife.

Brief Itinerary

Day 1

Tour executive will welcome you at the Paro airport. After the reception, you will be taken to a hotel for check in and will be given tea & snacks, and will review the whole program of the wedding ceremony. After lunch, you will visit the national museum, Paro Rinpung Dzong and Kichu monastery for the Blessing and seek good luck for the wedding. At evening, you all be taken for the dinner at village farm house with bonfire and elders at the village will share the story of their wedding experiences in olden days.


 Day 2

Today after the breakfast, you will be taken to the village near by the hotel Zhiwaling and its part of rehearsal of the wedding program including horse riding, village procession and exchange of religious scarf and followed up by the religious ceremony which is actually the part and parcel of the wedding in Bhutan. And after lunch you will be taught about norms and forms of the wedding by the venerable monk from the Paro Dzong and in the evening you will have further discussion with regarding about marriage.


Today is actually wedding day and the whole day programs are follows:

  1. Around 5.a.m in the morning the monks will arrive to the hotel and they will do the preparation of religious ceremony.
  2. You will be taken to the village for the procession and the Bride and Groom will be coming from different houses and will meet in the central of the respective village and exchange their wedding scarf, then bride and groom will ride on the horse back and Chibdral ceremony (ceremonial procession of men, women and horses) will take places towards the hotel Temple.
  3. When we arrive to the hotel, the actually wedding place, there will be musical ceremony performed by the monks at court yard and together they will do the purification ceremony before Bride and Groom enter into the hotel temple.
  4. After the purification ceremony is done then whole procession will go around the hotel three times with Bride and Groom and finally enter into the temple of the hotel.
  5. Inside the hotel the Bride and Groom will be seated next to the monks line with entitle enthroned and the monks will do the Marchang and Zhugrdral ceremony (Auspiciousness beginning, it will bring forth positive result until its end) and after the ceremony the venerable lama will do the prayers for the Bride and Groom and exchange the drinks from one cup as the part of process.
  6.  After all the religious ceremony is done then the next is people from the village will offer wedding gifts for the Bride and Groom with the purity scarf from individuals and express their warm and meaningful wishes.
  7. And lunch will be given to all the village people and Bride and Groom will be serving the wine and liquors to all the people and they will tease the Bride and Groom and share their feelings, beautiful village proverbs and good omens. After the lunch, there will be culture programs purely performed by the village people at court yard and Bride and Groom has to be participated as a saying goes end with happiness.
  8. Finally there will be one more religious ceremony called Tshakhu and Yangkhu (means the wedding will be concluded by the good blessing and good omens for the Bride and Groom for their long live marriage life). And after that the Bride and Groom will leave the temple and will reach to their wedding room by the people with traditional song. And after Bride and Groom arrive to their wedding room door, you will make vote of thanks to each and every individual those who attended the wedding ceremony. And that’s how the real typical and true traditional Bhutanese wedding ceremony comes to end.


Day 3

The following morning, you will hike to the legendary Taktsang or Tiger’s nest; perched at a precarious 1,000m cliff you will have a great view of the valley besides visiting the inner sanctum of one of the most sacred sites in the kingdom. Lunch will be at the cafeteria with the close cliff view and after lunch will visit the ruined fortress or Drukgyel Dzong located at northern part of Paro valley.


Day 4

After Break Fast, you will be heading to the Capital city and on arrival to Thimphu you will be taken to the sight seen of the capital city, in the evening you do the check in hotel and dinner at hotel itself. The selected sightseeing provided by the company is follows:

  • Buddha point
  • Takin Zoo
  • Majesty Court Yard
  • Tango monastery.


Day 5

After early breakfast, you will be heading to Punakha, the old capital. On the way, there will be a stopover at Dochula Pass where you will enjoy a morning tea at the backdrop of the breathtaking view of the Himalayan mountain range. When you reached to Lobesa, you will hike some way to a hillock where the famous temple of fertility is perched. After lunch, you will visit the most beautiful fortress or Dzong called Pungthang Dewa Chenpoi Phodrang, in English translation called the Palace of Great Happiness and followed by the walking through the longest suspension bridge in the country.


 Day 6

Today After breakfast, you will drive to Paro and after lunch you going to have hot stone bath at farm house and in the evening there will be farewell dinner and presentation of gift to individual on behalf of company.


Day 7

Your tour executive will see you off at the airport and before you will drive from hotel, there will be small ceremony by the high monk for your safe journey and long life blessing as a part of Bhutanese tradition