Rafting and Kayaking in Bhutan is still the impact of modernization and new in the field but has the potential for some of best whitewater sports. The best ones are the Mo Chhu, upstream of Punakha in western Bhutan. March till May and October till December is the ideal time for rafting in Bhutan. Meanwhile, new and virgin rivers are still being explored.


Brief Itinerary


River (Chhu) Location River section KM Grade Recommendation
Paro Chhu Paro Mitse zam 10 3 and 4 Kayaking
Paro Chhu Paro lower Paro chhu 7 3 with 1 class 4 Kayaking
Amo Haa middle and lower 35 3 and 4 rafting and kayaking
Bumthang Bumthang Thangbi 5 2 and 3 rafting and kayaking
Dang Wangdue Phodrang upper Dang Chhu 3 4 and 5 Kayaking
Mo Chhu Punakha upper Mo Chhu 3 4 and 5 Kayaking
Mo Chhu Punakha Sonam’s put-in 5 3 and 4 rafting and kayaking
Mo Chhu Punakha lower mo chhu 6 1 and 2 rafting and kayaking
Pho Chhu Punakha upper pho chhu 7 3 and 4 Kayaking
Pho Chhu Punakha lower pho chhu 7 3 rafting and kayaking
Kuri Chhu Lhuentse upper run 14 4 and 5 Kayaking
Kuri Chhu Lhuentse middle run 20 4 Kayaking
Mangde Chhu Trongsa Ema Datsi Canyon 7 3 and 4 Kayaking


Bhutanese rafting and kayaking guides are well trained and will do everything to ensure that you enjoy the adventure while minimizing the risks. The rivers of Bhutan were first surveyed for potential routes for water sports in 1997 by Gerry Mofatt and Peter Knowles, both experienced rafters/kayakers at the invitation of the Royal Government and the Department of Tourism.

They trained the first batch of Bhutanese river-guides and conducted surveys to grade the rivers. Since then, other rivers have been surveyed including the Punatsang Chhu, Manas and Amo Chhu. TCB guidelines ensure that all operators use well maintained professional equipment and maintain a reasonable guide-client ratio.